At the February 2006 launch of this website, CITIZEN WATCH called on residents, families of residents and home care recipients, health care workers and other citizens to offer confidential feedback on their experiences, knowledge, observations and views of how Alberta’s continuing care system is working.

We want to extend thanks and gratitude to all those who have since contributed confidential information for our review. This important data enabled us to develop the following documents which will hopefully provide new insights, and result in public discussion and public action.

1. An Inside Look at the Continuing Care Experience: An Analysis of Family Feedback, August 2006

2. Quotable Quotes: Side-by-side statements presenting a view of continuing care in Alberta from the side of government MLAs and the side of family members

3. Quotable Quotes from Front-line Staff

Help Us to Continue Monitoring for Change

The more feedback we receive, the greater the opportunity to determine whether government actions are translating into improved quality care and quality of life for citizens in continuing care facilities in Alberta. Please contact us to report your experiences and observations.