Clear Answers

Clear and honest answers to questions about the rapidly changing long term care environment in Alberta and quality problems within the system are not always easy to find. CITIZEN WATCH has sought out answers (from reliable sources) to some commonly asked questions. More questions and answers and helpful information will be posted as available.

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1. Was the Auditor General able to determine precisely how much public money is going into long term care facilities, what it is being used for, and how effectively it is being spent?

2. Has the Alberta government set new directions for funding long term care services?

3. Are more and more costs for long term care services being shifted onto residents and their families?

Is it important to consider how the "profit motive" of private owners and operators may influence the quality and affordability of care services and settings?

5. Do we know what our elected MLAs are saying on the record about problems in the province’s long term care system?

6. Is there evidence of abuse, neglect and poor care of residents in long term care facilities in Alberta?