MLA Bulletins 

 MLA Bulletin 1  Advocates Propose Solutions to Crisis in Seniors Care April 30 2008

MLA Bulletin 2  Home Care in Alberta

MLA Bulletin 3  Issues from the second interim Senate Report on Aging: home care, the Veterans Independence Program, integrated care, and palliative care.

                      Response from Health Minister Liepert to MLA Bulletin 3

                      Reply to Hon. Ron Liepert, November 30, 2008

                      Response from Hon. Ron Liepert, December 17, 2008

 MLA Bulletin 4  The "Wait and See" List of government actions

 MLA Bulletin 5   Eldercare Issues on the Fall 2008 Legislative Agenda (Home care, seniors dental care, Bill 24 (Adult Guardianship Act).     

                      Bill 24 Minority Committee Report October 2008 

                      Response from Hon. Iris Evans, November 19, 2008

                      Reply to Hon. Iris Evans November 30, 2008

 MLA Bulletin 6  Keeping Seniors Safe in Long Term Care.  

             MLA Bulletin 6 with full references

             Citizen Watch on Continuing Care Calls for More Focus on Safety

 MLA Bulletin 7 2008 Health Quality Council Long Term Care Survey